Intimacy and softness at Jardin Montgrand...

Our restaurant welcomes you every lunchtime (except on Sundays) and evening(Tuesday to Saturday), in an intimate atmosphere where our Chef and his team give life to a subtle and mixed marriage of flavors.

Located in the heart of our Boutique-Hotel, this carefully hidden corner of the city center offers you a moment of well-being.

Reservations at or directly at reception.


 The current exhibition

Maison Montgrand makes you discover new works selected by Arts Marseille ! 

Aurélie Lethu, a visual artist with an international background, likes to experiment with the sensory universe of textures, beyond the known. Each project begins with a fascination with an element.

"Rêve d'immensité" plays with the transparent texture of recycled kevlar sails, in an ode to light and water. Two elements dear to the artist, recently based in Marseille. Passionate about the power of words, Aurélie integrates their poetic vibration into her works, amplifying the emotional resonance instilled. The artist offers us a deep journey in the exploration of light, towards another dimension.

 Exhibition of the moment

Discover the new exhibition displayed on the walls of our House, in collaboration with Arts Marseille and available until November 6!

Jean-Michel Ucciani, graphic designer and illustrator, plunges us into his universe through a booklet of drawings straight from his comic strip "Un café, un dessin, deux croissants."

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