Intimacy and softness at Jardin Montgrand...

Our restaurant welcomes you every lunchtime (except on Sundays) and evening(Tuesday to Saturday), in an intimate atmosphere where our Chef and his team give life to a subtle and mixed marriage of flavors.

Located in the heart of our Boutique-Hotel, this carefully hidden corner of the city center offers you a moment of well-being.

Reservations at or directly at reception.


 The current exhibition

The Maison Montgrand introduces you to new works selected by Arts Marseille!

The digital art of the artist Mortensen pays homage to traditional Provençal paintings. He draws line after line, then assembles them with the aim of transforming a banal representation into a story made of vivid and sometimes chilling colours. 

Discover Mortensen's "Comtemplations en bleu" from 5 March to 2 April ✨

 Exhibition of the moment

Discover the new exhibition displayed on the walls of our House, in collaboration with Arts Marseille and available until November 6!

Jean-Michel Ucciani, graphic designer and illustrator, plunges us into his universe through a booklet of drawings straight from his comic strip "Un café, un dessin, deux croissants."


Evening menu 

In the evening, you will find the unique menu concocted by our Chef Baptiste Branche and his brigade, under three different formulas:

The Chef d'Orchestre menu (Starter - Main course - Dessert) at 42€

The Symphonic menu (Starter - Main courses (fish and meat) - Cheese - Dessert) at 52€.

This month the Chef proposes you to taste:


Smoked mackerel with sugar cane, grilled sucrine, cream of lettuce, citrus fruits

Dachine risotto, coconut cloud, crumble, lime

Onion in all its states, sliced duck breast with sweet spices, herb pesto, hazelnuts


Lean, dauphine potatoes with green banana, red bean variation, plantain coulis, combava lemon

Veal fillet and its juice, winter vegetables, broccoli, turnips, grapes, tamarind condiment and peanuts

Cauliflower wings, avocado mayonnaise, vegetarian chilli, pak choï, pickles


Coconut mousse, dacquoise, meringue, hibiscus jelly, battery syrup

Chocolate fondant, papaya, chocolate crunch, hazelnuts, passion fruit cream

Namelaka cream, kiwi, tarragon

Bon appétit !

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