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A la croisée entre une boutique, le showroom et la galerie, le concept store propose une nouvelle approche du commerce mettant en avant de jeunes créateurs et des marques qui partagent les valeurs de la Mode & de l'Art.
La Maison Montgrand héberge des expositions temporaires toutes l’années, et conjugue galerie d’art, beauté, boutique et design.


 Events' Story, a beauty parlour in a House...

Events' Story's know-how is not limited to make-up or hairstyling for events, it extends to the whole world of Beauty: eyebrow waxing, varnish poses, facial care... This space will do everything to sublimate you and make your visit to our House more beautiful!


Created with Sketch. Casa Bohème, a spotlight on the world's craftsmanship...

This pretty boutique offers an authentic collection to dress your interior and give it the bohemian spirit. Here, materials, colors, textures and trends cohabitate. This new approach to trade highlights pieces that are 100% hand-made by artisans from around the world.

A smart shopping and beauty experience, in a setting combining tradition and modernity. An opportunity to indulge or indulge yourself...

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